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Overview of Technologies

IT service and support now falls under two general broad categories: Data and Voice.

“Data” is the surface level reference to your computers, servers, cabling and any infrastructure related items that allow them all to communicate.

“Voice” generally relates to any telephone technology you may be using onsite or in the cloud.

We are a one-stop shop for all of our customer needs for these two categories! To break it down further, some of the services we provide in each category are found below.

Below is a list of each component so you will be aware of what we can accomplish for your business! We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust in either or both categories to best serve you!

Data Technologies We Serve

  • Computers

    We customize the computers we procure where they best fit a specific job function in your business. A computer’s configuration can vary widely depending on whether you’re an accountant, an engineer or just a standard user utilizing only a web browser. We procure the right systems for you!

  • Servers

    A server does exactly just that: it serves the data to you and your employees! Servers can be very simple or very complex. We find out the requirements and procure a server tailored to your line of business applications and business specific demands. You don’t want your server to be the bottleneck causing inefficiencies and we ensure the right hardware is in place for the tasks needing to be performed!

  • Software

    We support all major third-party and line-of-business applications. Whether it’s a fresh installation that’s needed, an upgrade, or even a repair of an existing software package, we can handle it! If you have a custom-built application, we have access to the resources to support it as well!

  • Laptops and Tablets

    Laptops and tablets are designed to allow flexibility and mobility. We can assist with ensuring you have secure access to your data from wherever you need it whenever you need it!

  • Routers & Switches

    Routers and switches are core to your network and internet connectivity. They also can be the bottleneck to optimal performance in server and internet connectivity. You don’t need to know how it works unless you just want to know! Suffice to say, we’ll ensure the right router and switching infrastructure is present to provide a robust and stable network.

  • Firewalls & Security

    Firewalls play a critical role on your network: they keep the intruders at bay! Do you want to ensure your network firewall is configured in such a manner to block connections by a Russian hacker? That’s just one example– give Goodwin PC Services a call to get protected!

  • Wireless Networks

    From guest wireless networks to private and secured wireless networks, we determine what YOU want to happen and then formulate a plan to get you there. If you already have an existing public or private wireless network, we check the configuration to ensure your business system is adequately protected.

  • Wired Networks & Cabling

    We can wire your office for both voice and data and test the cabling to ensure it is properly terminated. We use the latest cabling category available which has more stringent specifications for reducing crosstalk and system noise. If you have the most expensive hardware but your cabling is shoddy, you’re still going to have sub-par results! Let Goodwin PC Services ensure your network foundation is stable and robust for your business needs.

Voice Technologies We Serve

  • Cloud PBX (VoIP)

    Cloud voice solutions allow you to host your phone system in the cloud. This lowers the initial cost when upgrading or installing a new phone system and simplifies voice solutions for today’s distributed workplace. For smaller offices, this allows for enterprise features on a small-to medium size business budget. We can help guide you to the right solution for your business!

  • Traditional PBX

    We can integrate existing on-premise PBX systems to utilize select cloud features or support it with traditional phone service from your local telephone company.

  • Phone Equipment

    We can assess your existing equipment and advise on its ability to meet your needs. We can also source, procure, install and configure the right phone solution for your need if it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Automated Attendant

    Your customers should be able to call in at all hours and receive the appropriate greeting whether you’re a shop that operates around the clock or 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. We can implement and manage and automated attendant that ensures you communicate the right message to your customers at the right time!

  • Fax to E-mail

    Fax directly from your email client just as easily as you send and receive emails! This provides many benefits from reduced paper usage to improved information security and ease of use.

  • Other Advanced Features

    We can implement the following advanced features per your need: voicemail to e-mail; mobile device integration; call center features; conferencing; many more. If there is a feature you need, more than likely it’s available and we can provide a solution and path for implementation.


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