You may not be aware of this, but your employees pose a huge risk to your organization. The vast majority of successful cyberattacks enter networks by tricking office workers or slipping past them unnoticed. Teaching your employees to spot the most common schemes hackers use will do more for your company's security than any piece of software, which is why we’ve developed our End User Security Awareness Training program. Goodwin PC Services’ experts will provide interactive modules, newsletters, posters, and videos, and we’ll conduct games and activities that teach the importance of cybersecurity to your team.

Goodwin PC Services’ Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes:

  • Education- develop training courses and receive reports based on each user’s security awareness
  • Tailored phishing templates- use our pre-made templates to show users how to detect spear phishing campaigns
  • Simulated documents- include real examples in your phishing templates in Excel, Word, PDF, and PowerPoint formats

Fortify your human defenses so you’re protected on all fronts. Get in touch with us today to learn more.