Take A Chance On This Group Of Nerds

Since hiring Goodwin PC, the performance of hardware and software has greatly increased. They were able to pinpoint, offer and implement immediate solutions to our challenges that were unmet by our previous IT services provider.

They keep me informed and have provided documentation and access to our critical systems information, which is something other providers have explicitly gone out of their way to not provide.

Give them a call and take a chance on this group of nerds. They will not let you down.

Carmen Chapman Accounting Administrator
River City Erectors, Memphis, TN

Goodwin PC’s Backup Solution Comes Through

Since implementing Goodwin PC’s backup service, we have the peace of mind knowing that our data is being backed up securely offsite. In today’s day and time, it is not “if” but “when” will it be needed, and Goodwin PC’s backup solution has come through successfully when we needed it most.

Everyone should have the proper backup in place, as the investment far exceeds the risk of losing your data. You can trust Goodwin PC to make that happen. Call them today to get the conversation started in protecting your business data.

Alex Blankenship President
TransOne, LLC Marion, AR

You Can TRUST Goodwin PC To Protect Your IT Systems

As with many companies, the livelihood of our business depends on the uptime of electronic files and communication. The peace of mind knowing Goodwin PC watches out for us is invaluable.

The experience and knowledge they bring to the table allows me to trust the recommendations made to ensure our systems are running most efficiently. That trust is not something easily obtained - or deserved - in the world of IT management. If you do not have full faith and confidence in your current provider, give Goodwin PC a call today.

Mary Haizlip, AIA Principal
Haizlip Studio, Memphis, TN

The Biggest Benefit Is Peace of Mind

With Goodwin PC Services, I am not constantly worried about a computer problem. That means I can do my job, which is to help my clients with tax problems. I no longer worry about the system going down, whether updates are being made, and whether we are making the right decisions related to our IT systems. We do not have to have the internal expertise to take care of our IT system.

Goodwin PC has provided the biggest benefit you could probably ask for: peace of mind. They keep us up to date, respond when we have a problem, talk at our level, and they are better at what they do than any other IT Firm.

If your IT system is important to you and if you do not want to half way do IT, you need Goodwin’s team. I wanted our internal reality (our IT System) to be a catalyst for what our outside reality is (results to our customers). I did not want our internal reality to be a drag on productivity or to take up our time trying to do it ourselves and create bigger problems for ourselves and our clients who are depending on us. Working with Goodwin PC has helped us achieve the desired reality.

The one thing you can do to tremendously affect your business is to have a robust, reliable, effective IT system and the service that Goodwin brings to the table makes that happen.

Terry Griffith, CPA Senior Partner
Griffith CPA Firm, Southaven, MS

Great Service With No Hidden Fees

Moving to Goodwin PC’s monthly managed service is a huge benefit. We get great service with no hidden fees or extra cost to us.

They are also the best IT company PSC Staffing has worked with. They are always monitoring our network and know sometimes before we do that there is a problem. No matter the issue, they work diligently to get our network back online or just to answer any question we may have.

Goodwin PC provides a cost effective, well organized and knowledgeable IT team and I would recommend them to anyone. PSC Staffing depends greatly on Goodwin PC, they have never let us down. They will not let you down either, so give them a call today!

Jennifer Murphy Payroll Manager
PSC Staffing, Memphis, TN